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How to sync Outlook contacts with Samsung GALAXY?

Recently I have got a Samsung GALAXY S4. I am wondering if there is a way to sync it with Microsoft Outlook. I always use MS Outlook to receive and send emails so that it has a lot of contacts. Some people told me to sync Outlook contacts with Samsung mobile phone via Gmail account. But I can’t figure out it exactly. Finally, I had a try on MobileGo for Android. It works perfectly.

Import Outlook Contacts to Samsung GALAXY:

Just connect Samsung GALAXY with the program via USB cable on the computer. Then click “Import Contacts from Outlook”, all the contacts will be imported to Samsung GALAXY immediately.

Sync Outlook Contacts with Samsung GALAXY

Export Contacts from Samsung GALAXY to Outlook:

If you need to export the contacts from your Samsung mobile phone to Outlook, simply hit on “Export Contacts to Outlook” button. All the contacts on your Samsung GALAXY will be imported to Outlook with original details.

Tips One: Merge Duplicate Contacts

When you import contacts to Samsung GALAXY, you may find many duplicate contacts. MobileGo for Android will help you merge them automatically. In the “Contacts” interface, click “De-duplicate” button, it will show you the duplicate contacts matched by name, phone, email, etc.

Merge Duplicate Contacts from Samsung

Tips Two: Export Selected Contacts to Outlook

If you don’t want to export all the contacts to Outlook, click “Contacts” to select the contacts you want to export from Samsung GALAXY. Then hit on “Import/Export” button to export the selected contacts to Outlook.